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asker Hi. I'm still young and I feel like I'm fucking OBESE. I hate exercising and I constantly eat junk food. I just.. I feel like the only way to get skinny is to starve. And I think that's what I'll do. I started scratching a little while ago.. It's stopped I guess.. I feel a little bit better but I'm still depressed.

Hey. Have you talked to anyone you know about how you feel? Maybe someone really close to you who you can trust completely? Doesn’t even have to be someone you talk to a lot any longer, just someone who you know will keep your secrets. 

Few words of advice, just because you think you are or are fat doesn’t mean you are any less beautiful. Think about it this way. Most of the people in the world who are worth knowing don’t give a damn about how much you weigh. The people who truly love and care about you will look at you, your personality, your spirit rather than any physical feature. If you need help gaining confidence in yourself start a blog, that’s what I did. It doesn’t even have to be public, just write down anything that bothers you. 

Also, I’m guessing you mean scratching as a way of self harm. All I can ask is that you please stop. Self harm is not the way to release pain. The physical pain will eventually go away but the emotional will still be there and will remain until you deal with whatever problems are causing it. 

If you want to talk more about this privately, please send me a non-anonymous ask. I promise not to divulge any info. 

Same goes for anyone of my follower.s

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asker Hi! I really like this tumblr... I'm a ballet dancer, my BMI variates between 16,8 and 17,2. I'm feeling like I'm starting an ED... I hate that. I lost 8 pounds in the past 1 and a half months, and all I can think is loose some more weight... what should I do?

Tell someone you trust to help you keep in check. This should be someone you have known for a long time, and trust with your life. It doesn’t have to be a parent or family member. Just the person you trust the most. Also, you don’t need to lose weight. Unless the weight loss is completely natural, like you have been working out more and been eating healthier, you don’t need to. Nor should you be losing weight. 

I suggest checking out my other blog: itsoktobethin. It’s all about how you should feel comfortable in your own body no matter what. 

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 

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I am reading the appropriation of AAVE conversation

AAVE is a language… if you are immersed in that language… you can pick up it up… it can become part of your speech pattern… it can naturally become part of your speech pattern… that is just how language works

Now, if you are using AAVE ironically, thereby perpetuating the idea that AAVE is a degenerate… then I am side-eyeing you to hell… or if you are defining it as a collection of sass.. then I side-eying you 

But.. if you were raised around it and it’s just… there… in your life 


*buys ticket to shrug city*

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asker i only just saw this: "That’s kind of why I want to start the blog. Being thin does not automatically mean anorexic. On tumblr there is just as much skinny shaming as fat shaming (at least from what I have seen), so a lot of girls who are naturally thin see themselves in a negative light. I want people to know it’s OK to be thin if that’s who you are and what you want." - but having it run by someone with anorexia...?

The reason I decided to run the blog was because of what drove me to my Anoretic behaviours. For one thing, it was sort of a fuck you to all the people who shamed me for all my life about being skinny. Also, if anything, the blog has helped me to accept my own body more than anything else has, even therapy. If you can find comfort with your own body, then you will be that much happier in life. And this isn’t a fat or thin thing, it’s about accepting who you are. 

Dismissing the blog I started just because I have/had an eating disorder doesn’t affect me in any way. I don’t run it to make anyone else feel better about themselves. I run it for me. If you looked through the blog at all you might even be able to see a progression of growth. Not to mention I never made it a huge secret that I have an eating disordered past. I think that if anything it adds ethos to my blog. 

If you have any more questions feel free to ask. 

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Two reasons. 

One: I am in China and have been busy with work. 

Two: I haven’t had disordered thoughts since being here so I haven’t felt like posting on this blog. 

I might pop on now and then. 

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asker Was looking through your blog, and I have to say... are you retarded? Someone sent you some sarcastic response about metabolisms being magical things, and you replied that asians have faster metabolisms. No, they don't. Look up the laws of thermodynamics. And please recognize sarcasm. Holy shit lol

Are you expecting me to react in a manner where I curse at you, call you name, and deny everything? 

I really don’t see the point of sending this in.

That’s all. 

asker Hey! I loved your tumblr, read all of it and rebloged a lot of stuff! keep it up! :)<3



As promised, the paper I wrote on EDNOS for my psychology class. Full text below the cut.  Also, please reblog to share with your followers. 

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Okay, not wanting to gain weight and being aware of everything you put into your body are not symptoms of an eating disorder. This is stuff bodybuilders and Olympic athletes do, they maintain weight and eat a special diet so they’ll keep their muscles, if they developed an eating disorder they’d not get very far in the Olympics. If you’re hyper focused on food and exercise but you’re not rapidly gaining or losing weight and you are loving and taking care of your body, you don’t have an eating disorder. Sheesh, basically nowadays everything is an eating disorder except overeating! Frankly, if you repeatedly go periods where you eat only 200 calories a day on purpose that’s anorexia in my book, no NOS about it. Anorexia doesn’t require angst, body dimophic disorder, and looking at boney girls online; it just requires a lack of will to eat that spans long periods of time. Basically what I learned here was EDNOS is Anorexia. Hm. I can’t help but notice there was not a word about OVEREATING disorders. Did you know you can split a gut from overeating? There’s binge eating, night/sleepwalk eating… shit that can result in intestinal problems and diabetes and heart attacks. but nope! only the EDs that result in weight loss get mentions. I see discrimination. And you know it’s not always about weight with these things.

Few things, have you actually ever read about EDNOS? Have you looked up the DSM standards for eating disorders? Have you put hours into research? Maybe you have, but it doesn’t sound like that. 

Also, the paper isn’t titled “Eating Disorders” it is titled EDNOS. EDNOS is it’s own type of eating disorder. There are subcategories within EDNOS but I was limited on how much I could write. 

EDNOS is not anorexia nervosa. In order to be diagnosed (currently) with anorexia nervosa you have to meet certain standards, including food limiting, body weight is abnormally low, and lack of periods in females. Now, if you don’t have one of these symptoms, like you could be at a normal weight, you would be classified as EDNOS. Trust, me I would have loved to go in depth about how horrible it is that we are only allowed these classifications, and that a person may be over weight but also be anorexic. But I was limited in what I could do. This wasn’t a paper written to be opinionated, but to inform about the current standards. 

EDNOS basically is anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. But the way it works right now is that if you miss just one of the DSM standards that is what you are diagnosed as. The sad thing is that if you are diagnosed with EDNOS it is very hard to get treatment without paying a butt load. Health insurance companies don’t consider it life threatening, and apparently you don’t either…..

PS: Not wanting to gain weight and being aware of everything you put into your body ARE symptoms of an eating disorder, but they aren’t the only ones. Just like sneezing and runny noses are symptoms of a cold but they aren’t the only ones. 

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I also had to do a group presentation. This is a collaborative effort. I wrote the section on eating disorders. Feel free to leave comment. 

Follow this link. 

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As promised, the paper I wrote on EDNOS for my psychology class. Full text below the cut.  Also, please reblog to share with your followers. 

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I’ve decided I’m way too picky about how this blog is run (sorry, I have major trust issues) and will set up a queue to post once a week. If you have any confessions SEND THEM IN NOW! Even if they are valentines day confessions! GIMME! 

Depending on how many I get I may post one or two a week, or maybe a little as once every two weeks. 


asker Please dont tag posts as pro ana and pro mia. I know you arent, i just dont want this blog to attract the wrong crowd

Thanks, I am probably just going to tag them “Thinspo” (for the audience), Anorexia, Bulimia, EDNOS, and Eating Disorder from now on. Thanks for the suggestion!


Again, I am going to be in China for 10 months! If anyone is interested in running/moderating this blog, please let me know via ask. Thanks! 

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So I have the opportunity to teach english in China for a year. In that time, I have no idea how much access I will have to tumblr. From what I have read online, tumblr is spotty. As a result, this blog may not update for the next 10 months. I really don’t want this blog to just sit here, so I was wondering if anyone would like to be added as a moderator on this blog. 

If you are interested in being a blog moderator message me here

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AHHH! It’s me! (Just as an FYI I did hunch forward) Please excuse my fat arms and legs. 

In case anyone was wondering what my body looks like…

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AHHH! It’s me! (Just as an FYI I did hunch forward) Please excuse my fat arms and legs. 

In case anyone was wondering what my body looks like&#8230;